I got an iPhone!

January 30, 2008

My poor Motorola v551 has been a good phone to me. I have had it since 2004 and it is feeling it’s age. That phone has lasted through many drops, tosses, and underwater episodes. One time it was turned on and in a lake for three hours. My bad, did not realize I was going

My Major Computer Move – To a Mac

December 25, 2007

Last weekend I went and purchased myself a MacBook Pro, best computer purchase of my life and here is why… First off I am a linux guy. A hardcore linux guy in fact. I refuse to run Windows on any of my computer systems. I do run Windows inside of VmWare so I can test

Building a Simple Template Parser in PHP

December 25, 2007

This article is for people looking to build a very simple template parsing system in PHP. Once you understand how a template system works feel free to take the ideas presented here and mold the system to your specifics. Note this article assumes a fair amount of ability with PHP and objects in PHP About

Batch changing file extensions

December 24, 2007

This is a simple command that will change the file extentions of all files in a directory. It is rather simple and all it requires is base, for, do, mv, and echo. All of which any Unix based operating system should have. This also works on OS X. For this example I used bash on

Why NEVER to use WestHost

November 15, 2007

A couple years back I needed to move to a new web server and I had some specific criteria. First off I needed a Virtual Private Server (VPS) so I could have full control of my system. I also needed to have root access and be able to install any program I felt like. I