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My 1965 VW Bus at Fisheries in Seattle

My 1965 VW Bus at Fisheries in Seattle

Inspired story behind the Seattle Pink Boat Regatta cancer fundraiser

For the past few years I have been participating in the annual Pink Boat Regatta, a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The event is faithfully put on each year by Ashley Bell. This evening I ran across an article where she writes about why she became involved in the Pink Boat Regatta here in Puget Sound. It is a very inspiring read.

How Sailing Brought Me Closer to a Breast Cancer Survivor — My Birth Mom

Pictured above is the boat S/V Nefarious. The same boat Ashley crews aboard during the Pink Boat Regatta.

Winter Puget Sound Sunset

Best dang Canadian VW Bus swag you will ever find!

Disclaimer and fair warning- I am an owner of and extreme lover of a 1965 VW Bus!

Best dang Canadian VW Bus swag you will ever find!

Months ago I was sitting in a restaurant with my then-soon-to-be-wife when a gentleman strolled passed our table with a very cool VW Bus tshirt on. A great friend and Canadian, Robert Dall (pictured above (and maybe below) ), had recently visited and got a kick out of riding around in my 1965 VW Bus. I texted him a brief description of the shirt and he came up with his own unique design that he surprised me with. I love it! It seems to have gone viral too, spreading through Seattle, across Canada, and even to a great Olympic sailor Nikola Girke!

Robert Dall now has an online shop setup for the general public to purchase a tshirt, hoodie, or even a coffee mug.

Get your custom designed, one of a kind, VW Bus memorabilia today!

Best dang Canadian VW Bus swag you will ever find!

Camco EVO water filter review

Since moving onto the boat my wife had been complaining about the water taste. It seemed fine to me but I picked up a Camco EVO water filter to see if it would make her happy. It really improved the water quality! Even I noticed.

The Camco EVO water filter is designed as a simple inline water filter, mostly for RVers. Very easy to set up, just drop in the filter, connect a water inlet hose, and connect the outlet hose to the boat. The longest part of the operation was determining where to put the filter.

Immediately the water taste significantly improved. The wife is happy with it and I highly recommend the filter. The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every 3 months of use and we did. It definitely was working. Check out the following  photo of the nasty brown used filter compared to the clean new filter.

Legalise(ish)….I was not provided this product or asked to review it.

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