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Snowbus - 1965 VW Bus


My 1965 VW Bus at Fisheries in Seattle

My 1965 VW Bus at Fisheries in Seattle

Best dang Canadian VW Bus swag you will ever find!

Disclaimer and fair warning- I am an owner of and extreme lover of a 1965 VW Bus!

Best dang Canadian VW Bus swag you will ever find!

Months ago I was sitting in a restaurant with my then-soon-to-be-wife when a gentleman strolled passed our table with a very cool VW Bus tshirt on. A great friend and Canadian, Robert Dall (pictured above (and maybe below) ), had recently visited and got a kick out of riding around in my 1965 VW Bus. I texted him a brief description of the shirt and he came up with his own unique design that he surprised me with. I love it! It seems to have gone viral too, spreading through Seattle, across Canada, and even to a great Olympic sailor Nikola Girke!

Robert Dall now has an online shop setup for the general public to purchase a tshirt, hoodie, or even a coffee mug.

Get your custom designed, one of a kind, VW Bus memorabilia today!

Best dang Canadian VW Bus swag you will ever find!


This awesome tshirt was designed and modeled by Robert Dall

Canadian Bus tshirt!

Electronic Ignition swap on my 1965 VW Bus

Until now my 1965 VW Bus has still utilized the original points and condenser system. I enjoy the feel of the old tech so I never really gave it a thought. This Bus has been running points just fine for me for the past 7 years.

Occasionally though you have to change out the points and condenser. The way points work to get spark in your motor is by creating an arc across metal contact points. This causes wear and eventually they need to be replace. Condensers usually will last longer than points, however they too need periodic replacing. Conventional logic says to replace both at the same time.

Last time my points were replaced the condenser was not. A couple months ago the condenser went out on me while proudly giving a friend a cruise in the Bus. I had not experienced that particular issue before and was not able to diagnose it myself, nor did I have the spare set of points/condenser that VWers are supposed to carry.

Once I figured it out I did some research into the Electronic Ignition (EI) systems. They are stupid easy to install. Took me about 15 minutes with my buddy Sam to get it in. EI supposedly will last longer than I will and never needs maintenance. For $96 and 15 minutes I eliminated both the cost of all future points/condensers and the headache of a possible point of failure.

The bus is now running quieter and smoother. Someone told me I should see a gas mileage improvement also (I already get 30mpg!).

After installation I had not run the beast for a couple days. Here is a cold start on a cold day (37F). Fires immediately. No monkeying with things. Running much smoother than with the points also.

This is the Electronic Ignition kit I used

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