2008 NNU Career Fair

February 26, 2009

Today was the career fair here at NNU. I was not planning on going, but one of my profs offered extra credit if we go and do a writeup so I decided it wouldn’t kill me to check it out.

Several companies that were there actually almost hired me on the spot, and I wasn’t even trying to get a job… One of them was the FBI. They seemed pretty excited about me, and told me that they pay for part or all of a master program too. Fast Enterprises really wanted me to come onboard. They build tax programs for various government agencies. They have a pretty good offer, but I like where I am at now. There were a few other places that seemed pretty good that talked to me too.

Anywho, I picked up a lot of schwag and I primarily wrote this post to tell you about the Fast Enterprises ‘frisbee’. It is a floppy gel thing. Not much good as a frisbee, but I bet that it would make a great car dash stuff holder. It has some crazy stick to it. I stuck it to the wall in one of the computer labs and it stayed for hours before I took it off. Also had it on my book for a couple minutes. That is how I found out how sticky it is, because you can’t tell just by holding it. There is a circle in my book from whatever crap is on the ‘frisbee’. Take a look at these pics. Click to make them bigger, but be warned, the file size is large and not good for a slow connection(thinking of my poor mother on dialup here…)

‘Frisbee’ on the wall

‘Frisbee’ in my book