Barnett Max Resources

There is not much information on the Barnett Max available on the internet. What little I have found has been of great interest to others online so I pulled together this page to be a solid resource for others looking for information. Some info I have gathered myself and other information has been left on this site as comments or emailed directly.

If you have any additional knowledge, resources, or a manual (I can digitize) please head to my contact page and let me know so we can create an even better resource page.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed!

About the Barnett Max

The Barnett Max was designed and built by John Barnett of the Barnett Boat Company, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He did the design work in 1979. The Barnett Max was built for only a few years, until 1983, with about 200 produced. It made its first public appearance at the New York Boat Show in January, 1971 , the logo on the sail was TGIF, it was not until much later in the year that a sailor suggested that the boat needed a more aggressive name – it was fighting for marketing space with the 20 -yr old Sunfish, and the 10-yr old Butterfly, and “TGIF” just wasn’t doing it!

Manual Scans

Photos of the boat

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