When I got my first sailboat zzZippety Doo Dah more than half a decade ago I did not realize boating would come to consume my entire life as some sort of mania. Today I have way more boats than I need, am on the board of two clubs, and being asked to join a third. In all three I help run the racing programs. For goodness sake I live on a boat even!

The first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem right? I have a problem. Here is my problem…

  1. 36′ Sailboat – RIP Spring 2019
  2. 33′ Powerboat – RIP Summer 2020
  3. 23′ sailboat – RIP Spring 2018
  4. 11′ sailboat – RIP Spring 2017
  5. 12′ kayak – RIP Spring 2017
  6. 10′ inflatable dinghy – RIP Spring 2019
  7. blow up dinghy from Fred Meyer – RIP Spring 2018
  8. 9′ Minto Sailing/Rowing Dinghy

Combined I own 130 9′ of boat :S

Updated (Summer 2020)

  • Sold the ‘ol live aboard power boat. Bye Penny, you were a treasure!

Updated (Jun 2019)

  • Exited a bad boat partnership

Updated (Aug 2018)

  • 23′ sailboat went to a friend who is using it to teach others sailing
  • blow up dinghy went with 23′ sailboat

Updated (Oct 2017):

  • Donated the 11′ sailboat to another sailor
  • Sold the Kayak to a dock mate
  • Acquired a Minto
  • Reduced combined length from 130′ to 107′