Tryouts for GNOME

March 16, 2006

So I’ve got this great idea for a program that I would like to start building this summer. I pretty much only use my laptop so I did not have a desktop system setup and I needed more power than my laptop affords me. Well I got my desktop system back from a friend and

Why KMart is going to fail

March 11, 2006

I’m sure alot of you remember going to KMart as a kid. Back in the day it was the cool place to shop. I know I loved it when I went in there. I usually lost myself in the LEGO section for and hour or so while my parents went off and shopped. I still

How to programmatically shoot yourself in the foot

October 10, 2004

This great little link was posted in an IRC chatroom I was in. For all you programmers you should get a hoot out of it. TASK: Shoot yourself in the foot UPDATED: 2012-01-04 – The original page has been removed. To preserve this great joke I am copying it in it’s entirety to this page: