2009 February Apartment Walkthrough

February 28, 2009

I have mentioned before how lucky I am that I got placed with two very clean roomates. Now that we are 3/4 through the school year most people would expect that cleanliness would slowly disentegrate. Just to prove how awesome we are I took a vid for y’all to look at(cept my mother on dialup…). I venture, without hesitation, to say that we have the cleanest room of all the guys. Our kitchen area gets used a lot, yet it is still cleaner than other rooms that do not use theirs. Our bathroom is really clean too. The toilet has not yet been cleaned this week, but it is still really clean. There are some stains in the toilet and the shower from the crappy water here though :(.

Click here for the vid!

I apologize about the small vid size. I ran it through mencoder because the original file size was 250 megs. I wanted it to be a more reasonable size. Had to sacrifice some size, but now the file is 11 megs

One thought on “2009 February Apartment Walkthrough

  1. Mom (March 10, 2009)

    Thanks for thinking of your mother on dial-up. Sorry I can’t watch your video (I will take your word for the cleanliness of the apartment though).