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Quickly list all hosts in your ssh config

I try to be a good citizen and create unique ssh keys for each service I ssh into. I setup all sorts of fun config items and one of my favorites is host aliases. I have accumulated dozens of hosts in my config file and remembering the names of each can be problematic. I tend to open the config file a couple times a day to find a host. This morning I whipped up a quick command that will dump a list of all my hosts into the terminal with one command. No more opening the config file with an editor and scrolling through it. Hopefully this will be something you can enjoy also!

The command is:

grep -w -i "Host" ~/.ssh/config | sed 's/Host//'

It uses grep to search through the ssh config file and sed to clean up the output.

But wait! That is a lot to type and this was supposed to make life easier. Add this as a shell alias and simply type sshhosts to get the list!

alias sshhosts="grep -w -i "Host" ~/.ssh/config | sed 's/Host//'"

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Mute and unmute your mic quickly with this Alfred Workflow

I am on a lot of calls for work every day and juggle several different call applications. Finding the apps mute/unmute button quickly gets tedious. On some apps the UI is so poorly designed as to make toggling the mic nearly unusable.

Enter Alfred! Alfred is an amazing productivity app. Alfred let you run custom commands and hotkeys in custom Workflows.

I created a Workflow that, once installed, allows you to mute and unmute your mic with the command-M hotkey.

To install simply download the Workflow and double click it to load it into Alfred.

Click here to download the Mic PTT Alfred Workflow

The Workflow is on Github! If you have ideas for improvements create a fork and send them to me:

Sister’s Snow Tree

Zippey’s old 2 stroke 8 hp Yamaha outboard runs again!

Read the saga below the video

During the winter of 2015 I pulled the 2 stroke 8hp Yamaha outboard off Zippey to bring home and rebuild. It had been a while and she was running a bit rough. I was very proud of myself to rebuilding an outboard motor correctly, the first time. I was overjoyed when the motor fired up and ran flawlessly on its stand.

I remounted the motor on Zippey’s motor mount expecting to have a great summer of fun, however a few weeks after the motor started having issue. Pieces of something were getting stuck in the cooling water outlet. During one outing I had to  clean the outlet every couple minutes to keep water flowing. Ironically the motor overheated and seized up as I was motoring to the boatyard for a haul out.

I replaced the motor same day with a new powerful 4 stroke Yamaha 9.9 high thrust but I kept the old motor around to use as a learning project for outboard internals.

When I got around to playing with the motor I found a significant amount of sand inside it! How it got there I do not know. I cleaned out the sand and reset everything and now the motor is running great! It blew smoke like none other for a few minutes after starting, but that is to be expected after the motor sat for so long.

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