Christmas 2006

December 25, 2006

While I realize that there a going to be thousands of worthless blog posts about what people got for Christmas today I also am going to write one. Just for the express purpose that so many people ask me what I get. Well now I can just link ’em 😉 Here we go!: Lots of


December 19, 2006

So I was talking with a good friend of mine today about my words. I know that I am bad with words and have often gotten myself in trouble with them. Sometimes I have even said things that seem two faced. I want to apologize to anyone who I have done this too. Also I really works!

December 19, 2006

So as many of you know I used to work at Home Depot. It is a great place to work and I had tons of fun there and learned so much. There was however once huge issue near the end. The manager of the department I was in began to disrespect me. Seeing as retail

Tip: Compaq Presario X1000 Series mouse not recognized

October 29, 2006

On my Compaq Presario X1000 series laptop my mouse was not recognized after a kernel upgrade. I do not know if it broke because of the kernel or not, but here is how I fixed it. Open /etc/modules in a text editor Put in the line ‘psmouse proto=bare’ This happened on a Debian system but

HowTo: Building a remote kernel with Debian

October 29, 2006

Hopefully I will coherently explain how to build a remote kernel here. I recently (well if you are reading this in echo date(‘Y’); it was a while ago) recieved an older server from and upgrade a buddy of mine did. I needed to rebuild the kernel for smp (Symetric MultiProcessing) but I was too impatient