Major Site Changes

May 3, 2007

As you all know(or can set by simply looking) the CSS on this site is a little broken. Also IE centers my blog listing and summaries. Yes I am aware of it, and no I have not done anything to fix it, YET.

I have been rather busy since I redid the layout of this site. I have had many other web projects on hand and my personal site tends to get pushed to the back burner.

The exciting news is however that I have been working on a custom templating system that when complete will be implemented on this site. That means the layout issues will be corrected, and I will have one very easy to maintain site template file. This file can easily be opened in a WYSIWYG editor and changed all without breaking my site. Currently I just include a bunch of stuff on my index page and spit it out. I am going for total seperation between logic and presentation. My current templating system(Not implemented on this site) does not work that way and I was challenged to build one that would.

If time around work and school provide I can have it done inside a week, but considering the large project deadline looming at work, and the imminent demise of my grandfather it will most likely be a few more weeks.

So if there are any faithful readers out there don’t give up yet. I also want to implement an RSS feed as well.

Right after the templating system is done I intend to start on my custom CMS(Content Management System) again, which is partly done already.

Cheers 😀