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Footloose 2015 Blake Island Trip

IMG_1407This year I joined the Footloose Sailing Association in Seattle. The entire goal of Footloose is to get people who would not normally be capable of boating, let alone the work required for sailing, out on the water and sailing.

Each season Footloose does a trip for the participants to Blake Island, a 475 acre state park. It is about 8 miles from downtown Seattle and the only way there is by private boat, no ferry or bridge.

This last weekend I had the privilege of hosting part of the group on my boat. We had 5 boats, 9 participants, and many volunteers head out to the island. It was a big undertaking but the participants got so much joy out of it that I am already looking forward to next year.


Boatitus strikes…again

IMG_1279Well it happened again…I got *another* boat. The new boat is a Barnett Max. It is an older boat that does not have much in the way of information on the internet. Its closest sibling is the Barnett 1400.

The Max is similar in size and rigging to a Laser sailboat, which is a small racing dinghy. Probably the most common small sailboat out there and often used for racing.

For a couple years I have wanted to get a Laser and learn to race it. The other day while talking to a buddy in the same marina as Penny he mentioned wanting to get rid of the Barnett Max he had. I happily offered to take it off his hands for him.

The boat needs a little work before it is seaworthy. The deck has come apart from the hull in a small area and the mast step may need re-fastening. Nothing difficult, just takes a little time. Will be a good fall/winter project. Get myself a drysuit and I will be out on the lake this winter!


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