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Hiking Lake Serene with Bella and Nalu

Josh and I love hiking.

Now that the weather has warmed up we have the proper gear to get out on the trail and do some day hikes and warm weather backpacking trips. This past weekend we trekked up to beautiful Lake Serene with our pups Bella and Nalu.

I have been to Lake Serene a couple times in the past (Lake Serene Birthday Hike, . It is a beautiful hike with some serious switchbacks for half the trail but the view of the lake and from the top of the falls is worth it. Unfortunately I seem to be sick on that hike and this time was no exception. I thought I was right at the tail of a sickness but the hike brought it back full force. Maybe Lake Serene is trying to warn me off ;).

I have photographed Lake Serene in the past so this time I thought I would play around with photographing the dogs with my new iPhone 6. Camera technology in these phones has progressed impressively. Here are some shots.



New old photos of Lewis County, WA from a Nexus 7

A while back (well, over a year now…time flies!) I acquired a Nexus 7 Unboxing. Since I had been getting into iPhonography I wanted to play with the camera on the Nexus 7. Not bad but the iPhone 5 I had at the time beat it hands down.

Here is a gallery of shots I took while driving through Lewis County, WA with my buddy Jordan Beaver’s website.


My First Bug

A few years back I got this VW Bug from a friend. I had fun plans for it but no where to store it. It stayed at my parent’s house till my father got tired of looking at it. I was not doing anything with it and had to get rid of it. Some day though I shall have another!


2015 Gig Harbor Paddlers Cup

This last weekend was the 2015 Gig Harbor Paddlers Cup. This is a boat race consisting of only human powered boat, mostly types of canoes and kayaks. My good friend Joshua Wold is a member of the Canoe/Kayak Team USA paddlers and is currently training for the 2016 Olympics. I was able to hang out on a beautiful Northwest day and watch him destroy all his competition. He competed in a 10k and two sprints and won all in his division.

I have this crazy idea that I would like to build up my kayaking skills and participate in this cup next year.


VW Bus tune up for summer 2015!

This weekend my buddy Josh and I pulled my 1965 VW Bus out of storage and did the final tune ups to get her running for the summer!

Made a new friend, Mike, who lives nearby where she was stored and knows a ton about these aircooled motors. In 15 minutes he had me up and running in what would have taken me several hours to verify and do.

We accomplished a lot, including:

  • New side mirrors – The original were not recoverable
  • New blinker relay
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Tune up on the distributor
  • Adjusted timing
  • Verified valves
  • Fresh oil

I am excited to roll the bus up to Seattle! Need to update the registration for 2015 and she is good to go!

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