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Installing a shower check valve

When using the shower the water drains down into a holding tank. Inside that holding tank is a bilge pump that has an internal floater which detects water to activate the pump. From the pump there is a six foot rise and a seven foot run to the outlet.

Some bilge pumps are not powerful enough to pump up to such an extreme. Penny’s pump is more than powerful enough, however when the water level in the tank falls below the floater the pump shuts off and due to the long run there is still water in the outlet hose. The water in the hose drains back into the tank. The float then activates the pump again until all the water is back in the hose. This process typically repeats itself dozens of times.

Today that issue has been resolved with an inline check valve! Check valves allow water to flow only one way, in this case out the outlet. And water trapped in the hose stays trapped in the hose and the pump no longer cycles. You may argue that it is not a good idea to let water sit in the hose, and maybe you are right, but the pump peacefully resting instead of noisily triggering over and over is worth the possibility of replacing the hose in a few years.



Feeling Crafty: First ever sewing project!

A few weeks ago I purchased a 2 Hounds Harness for Bella which got sliced during a wrestling session with Nalu. While looking for a nylon strap repair kit I ran across the Speedy Stitcher and knew magic was happening.

This evening I successfully completed my first ever sewing project! I was able to stitch Bella’s harness back together. The Speedy Stitcher is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. This first product may not look pretty but I can pick Bella completely off the ground with the harness and it holds like a champ!

I got so excited after sewing the harness that I got out the (formerly) nice around the waist leash. This is my favorite leash, but Bella nearly chewed through it once and it was being held together with a twist tie. A few minutes with the Speedy Stitcher and it is all back to normal. This second time around the stitches were much better….right?


Feeling Crafty: First candle project

This evening I was feeling crafty so I picked up some candle wicks. I have a few candles that I like that the smell of a lot but are rare or expensive. The wicks have burned down but there is still bunch of the wax. I decided to try my hand at making new candles from the old candle wax. Making candles is very simple:

Get a new clean container and put a wick in it


Heat the old candle till the wax is melted

I did this by putting the entire candle and container in water and bringing it to a boil.


Pour the melted wax into the new container


Wait for it to cool and enjoy your new candle!



Add HTML tags to the allowed tags list in WordPress

By default WordPress limits what HTML tags are allowed in post content. If tags that are not whitelisted are found in the content they will be stripped. It is possible add additional tags to the allowed list.

View allowed tags

To view the list of currently allowed tags you can use the following code:

add_action( 'init', function() {
    echo allowed_tags();

Add to the allowed tags

In this instance I need to allow the iframe tag. Be sure to also specify the allowed attributes:

add_action( 'init', function () { 
    global $allowedtags;

    $allowedtags['iframe'] = array(
        'src'    => array(),
        'height' => array(),
        'width'  => array(),

Add allowed tags to the WP Editor

Using the above will allow the iframe tag in code, but what if you want to allow the iframe to be added using the post editor? There is another filter used by tinyMCE which also needs to be set:

add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', function( $a ) {
    $a["extended_valid_elements"] = 'iframe[src|height|width]';
    return $a

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