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Fix “frozen” Evernote app when fullscreen on OS X

The Problem:

When you start Evernote it goes into fullscreen mode. You are not able to use any features of Evernote and hear the “Do not click me” error sound.

The Cause:

There is some sort of message box that has popped up. You need to close this before using Evernote, however it has popped up BEHIND the app and you cannot get to it.

The Resolution:

As strange as this sounds, the following steps work.

  1. Kill Evernote – If need be use the option+command+esc keystroke
  2. Disable all active network connections
  3. Re-open Evernote
  4. Switch Evernote out of fullscreen mode
  5. Close Evernote
  6. Enable network connections
  7. Open Evernote
  8. Deal with popup message

An evening out with my honey

Alix and I took Zippey out for a couple hours before meeting some friends for dinner. It was a beautiful peaceful evening.

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