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A brother and sister’s journey together


Circa one year ago today my sister, RaeAnn, and I boarded an airplane to fly nearly 20 hours and halfway around the planet to visit a people we did not know and had never met. Little did we know that shortly after touching down at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda that the course of our lives would be changed.

Anyone who followed my blog during that first trip knows that for many years prior to going I felt called to the peoples of Uganda. During the very first trip planning team meeting Joanne Ramos told us about the people we were going to serve and how we would be serving them. By the end of that first meeting I had a passion burning inside of me that felt like a raging bonfire. It could not be stopped and it would not be satisfied until I got to Uganda.

On the way home from that meeting I spoke to my sister. RaeAnn had be traveling to a community in El Salvador often since she was a teenager, in fact she had a trip planned just a couple months after that meeting. In my excitement I said she should come to Uganda with me. Her response was to say that she did not have enough money or vacation time to do both trip. I jokingly responded that if God wants it to happen it will happen. Imagine my surprise when a few days later she told me she signed up! To go on a trip with people she did not know to a foreign land she knew nothing about. I am sure glad she did though :D.

Our time in Uganda was mind blowing and life changing. We were able to blog nearly daily and you can read about it at:
My website
RaeAnn’s website

By the end of the trip RaeAnn and I had fallen hopelessly in love with the Ugandan people. That passion I had during the meeting has not abated, and RaeAnn had caught it.

I wrote a post titled Do not cry little one which was a call to action. A call to join with my sister and me to change lives in Uganda. Both RaeAnn and I have been faithful to that call and today our family currently supports 4 children in Destiny Orphanage and 1 Destiny graduate currently attending university (Hopefully soon to be one more!). You also have been faithful and changed lives and are continuing to change lives.

Today I happily sent my sister off. She is currently on an airplane 1 hour into her 20 hours of travel. Tomorrow she will debark the plane to happy smiling brown faces greeting her with enthusiasm and excitement. Momma Esther will have a party ready and waiting at the house for their arrival. Relationships built and maintained over the years and 4 trips will be rekindled, children’s lives will forever be changed for the better, and families will be healed. Though I was not able to join her this time I am proud of my sister and the legacy she carries over there. I am excited to hear stories from and about the people I now know and love and to learn about new people I will soon know and love.

Thank you for going on this journey with me RaeAnn. I am proud of you and inspired by the passion for people around the world burning in your heart. May your trip be blessed and many lives touched.

WebDevStudios is helping kids in Uganda have a brighter future

The fundraising drive is complete. Thank you for helping WedDevStudios raise $3,300 dollars!!!

On December 5th WebDevStudios announced a holiday fundraising drive that will benefit kids in Uganda. This is a cause I am particularly passionate about and am asking you to join my team at WebDevStudios where your simple financial donation this season can radically alter the life of a student in Uganda for the better.

100% of all funds raised go straight to Freedom Projectz, an organization which I actively participate in. I became involved in Freedom Projectz early this year and have seen first hand the amazing impact your donations have on the ground in Uganda. Students who would otherwise be living on the street (I am not talking figuratively either, literally on the streets) are being given a dry warm place to live, clothing, 3 meals a day, schooling, and vocational training.


This is Stella, one of several girls I and my family sponsor. Stella graduated from the Destiny orphanage boarding school last year and is currently pursuing a degree at university. Stella wants to build a business that will give back to the community by providing computer jobs and training. Without my support Stella would not be able to reach her ambitious goals.

little_dudeThis little guy is new to Destiny and my grandparents instantly fell in love with him. They have committed to supporting his journey. He has a bright future now and I am sure the entirety of Uganda will be improved through the contributions he will be able to make back to society.

Would you help me and WebDevStudios provide a bright future for even more kids? Together we can eliminate need and poverty by partnering with Freedom Projectz with an easy financial contribution. Simply click the Give Now button above or visit the fundraising page and your donation will be used to provide a huge impact in a kids life.


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