New Geckos! Frog-Eyeds

September 1, 2006

Pioneer West, a local petstore, recieved a couple neat looking geckos a few weeks back and after 3 weeks no one had purchased them, so I went in and made a deal with them. Got them both for $50 and also bought a tank and some crickets to go with it. Pretty good deal.

The new geckos are a new species to me. They are Frog-Eyed Geckos, or Teratoscincus scincus ssp. Cool looking little guys. Really skittish still though, but I am hoping to work that out of them. Strong too, A lot stronger than my Leopard Geckos.

I do not have any pictures of them up yet (nor at the time of writing this have I built the picture gallery :S), but you can see a picture of them on the GGa website