It has begun

February 1, 2009

Tonight Jeff Nicol and I got together in the NNU prayer chapel to start our fast. We picked up some bread at Albertsons to break bread and symbolically start the fast. Ironically we chose pita bread, which contains no yeast. That was not thought out at all either. In the prayer chapel we discussed what

Modern Engineering Marvel

January 31, 2009

I have created a modern engineering marvel! The desks that NNU provides have really deep drawers. While this can sometimes be good, every time I close the drawer stuff rolls to the back. Pretty soon I do not even remember what is in there. Long has my best friend, Jordan Beaver, been a master designer

New Winter Coat

January 22, 2009

I bought a new coat today and I just cannot resist telling you all about it! Living in Nampa as I do now, it tends to get real cold. I had a jacket at my parent’s house I really wanted to bring back, but my sister’s cat peed all over it which kinda ruined my

New Website Launch: Northwest Nazarene University Bookstore

October 14, 2008

Northwest Nazarene University Bookstore used to have a web site. Actually more of a single page with a few items on it. This week the brand new website(yes a full site this time) has been launched! The new website allows the bookstore employees to easily manage their online inventory. It magically integrates into their desktop

New Website Launch: Northwest Nazarene University Computer Club

September 17, 2008

I launched a new site today. I was asked by the Northwest Nazarene Computer Club to create them a website. You may view it at It is not yet totally completed. In the future the club officers will be able to logon and create posts, pages, and events. They needed something up fast so