New Winter Coat

January 22, 2009

I bought a new coat today and I just cannot resist telling you all about it! Living in Nampa as I do now, it tends to get real cold. I had a jacket at my parent’s house I really wanted to bring back, but my sister’s cat peed all over it which kinda ruined my enthusiasm over the jacket. I really like the jacket, but at the time I did not have the money to get it cleaned so I left it home. It has been pretty cold here in Nampa lately(though that may be because I came from 80 degree temps in Hawaii!) and since I only had a sweatshirt, and I have to walk around outside a lot, I figured I should get myself a jacket. A buddy of mine here, Josh, has a really nice winter jacket so I went hunting for one similar to his. I had to travel all over town to many shops to find one, but I finally did. It is a Columbia Bugaboo. They are expensive jackets too! Part of the reason I am writing this is cause I am so excited about the deal that I got. The jacket was normally $230, but was on sale for $170. Because I spent over $100 I was eligible for the special discount they are doing now and it dropped down to $110!!!! That is the absolute most I have ever spent on a jacket, but it was worth every penny. This jacket is so warm and toasty that I could go lay in the snow and be warm.

Now I may need to buy some pants with my upper half being so warm…….

Click on image to visit Columbia’s website Updated 2012-01-04: Jacket no longer listed on Columbia’s website

5 thoughts on “New Winter Coat

  1. Mitch (January 22, 2009)

    Columbia, Arrrrrgh!

  2. blobaugh (January 22, 2009)

    Better than Eddies smelly outdoors jacket! 😉

  3. Sarah (January 22, 2009)

    Hey! I take issue with that! I just got one of Eddie Bauer’s Weather Edge jackets and it is pretty stinkin’ amazing…

    You and your Columbia rag….

    (Shhh, don’t tell Mitch I really like my Columbia Jacket too…)

  4. Mom (January 23, 2009)

    Looks warm and cozy!

  5. Chalaina (January 23, 2009)

    Columbia makes nice jackets. I have one. It keeps me so warm. 🙂 That looks like a very nice one. Stay toasty.