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Camping and Rec Washington State Hiking Manual

It’s finally done! My Camping and Rec class has a project requirement of each student to build some sort of handbook. Most students choose a retreat or summer camp, but I chose to build a hiking manual. It is pretty comprehensive too. Came out to 94 pages! No wonder it took me 2 weeks of daily working on it for hours to finish! I will be adding more to this post tomorrow when I create my powerpoint presentation file and present it all, but for now here is a link to view my manual if you want. Camping and Rec Wa Hiking Manual

Presentation PPT
Presentation PDF

Please see: HikingDude.com for the brilliant hiking reference by Paul Kautz which was heavily used in the manual

NNU: Duckies!

Momma Ducks eggs finally hatched and she now had a proud little flock following her around!

NNU: New Science Building

John and I got to tour the new science building here at Northwest Nazarene University. We were interested in seeing what our new computer science lab will look like, and what our server closet is like. Since most of the ceiling panels had not been put in yet we followed the huge bundle of wires back to the building closet. I was very impressed at how clean the room looked with hundreds of network cables streaming into it. When we finally made our way to the computer science lab we were a little disapointed. It is smaller than what we have now, and the server closet is actually a closet…except that it has lots of power and network plugs. We are going to have to mount the servers in sideways for them to fit, and there is no way we can work on both sides of the servers without pulling them out. So we might wind up using our “server closet” for something else.

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Spring Break 2009

Spring break this year was a much needed relief. I was incredibly ready for a break. School just really isn’t my cup of tea when I do not feel like I am learning anything and it makes me just want to get away. Anywho, I had fun over break. My father picked up my grandfathers old hunting rifle, shotgun, and competition revolver. My grandfather used to be one of the best competition quick draw shooters in the northwest. I feel honored that he has entrusted us with the care of his old guns.

Since the guns had been sitting for probably 15 years, and my father had some other guns that needed cleaning, we had a cleaning party. I spent 3 hours alone on that revolver. It is in pretty good shape, but it was dirty. The shotgun wasn’t too bad. Though I am not much taken with shotguns so I probably did a subpar job on it. The worst parts were the spider nests in the barrel and all the rust on it. Cleaned up pretty nice. But then comes the gun I have become really attached to. 1951 Savage 99E .308. She is not the greatest gun to look at, but the knowledge that this gun used to be my grandfather’s hunting rifle, along with the fact that I have wanted a .308, caused my to become more and more attached to it as I took it apart and cleaned it all out. The .308 is in remarkable condition for being so old. It looks like it has had a long life, but she still shoots true and is all prettied up. I forgot to take pictures of it after cleaning, but you would be amazed at the change. It also has a really nice Leupold 3×9 scope.

Went shooting with friends a couple times, played wallyball, worked, and slept. Slept a lot. Overall it was nice and relaxing, but getting my grandfather’s guns was definataly the highlight of my week.

Only 5 more weeks to go!

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The Revolver

Part of the .308

Random Bike in Portland

Box Fish

Nampa First Church Video and Pictures

Below are some videos and pictures taken of the Nampa First Nazarene youth group at church functions, and 2009 District Main Event

JH Games

And here are a couple other random videos
Swamp Creature
Sister’s cat playing in the bathtub

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