Camping and Rec Washington State Hiking Manual

April 22, 2009

It’s finally done! My Camping and Rec class has a project requirement of each student to build some sort of handbook. Most students choose a retreat or summer camp, but I chose to build a hiking manual. It is pretty comprehensive too. Came out to 94 pages! No wonder it took me 2 weeks of

NNU: Duckies!

April 18, 2009

Momma Ducks eggs finally hatched and she now had a proud little flock following her around!

NNU: New Science Building

April 18, 2009

John and I got to tour the new science building here at Northwest Nazarene University. We were interested in seeing what our new computer science lab will look like, and what our server closet is like. Since most of the ceiling panels had not been put in yet we followed the huge bundle of wires

Spring Break 2009

March 29, 2009

Spring break this year was a much needed relief. I was incredibly ready for a break. School just really isn’t my cup of tea when I do not feel like I am learning anything and it makes me just want to get away. Anywho, I had fun over break. My father picked up my grandfathers

Nampa First Church Video and Pictures

March 16, 2009

Below are some videos and pictures taken of the Nampa First Nazarene youth group at church functions, and 2009 District Main Event Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer JH Games And here are a couple other random videos Swamp Creature Sister’s cat playing in the bathtub