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Finally, a standing desk on the boat!

I have had standing desks for years. In fact, I recently posted a photo I found of the standing desk I had at our Lake City house. When we moved onto the boat I was bummed that there was no area that was both compact and out of the way enough for a standing desk. A couple weeks ago I accidentally ran across the solution!

What I have set up now is a monitor mount with a tray on the arm instead of a monitor. It has been working great! The only major issue I have run across is the monitor height. Because I am using the built in laptop monitor I am looking down, which hurts the upper back after a while. Thinking now about getting a small external monitor to mount similarly above the laptop.

Penny’s 2017-2018 boat topper

Winter is here again, that mean rain and winds. Last year we created a canvas top with velcro sewn into it that kept the back of the boat mostly dry, but did allow the wind to whip through.

This year I added port side and rear windows. For 2 reasons: 1) It lets more light in than a solid canvas (duh). 2) The port side is a wind block.

Specifically, I changed it this year to have a side wall because during storms the wind comes from the South. Our rear port side is exposed to the South, meaning the winds hit us directly. The walls stop the wind and any sideways rain from getting into the boat. So far it has worked perfectly.

This top is definitely not elegant in any way. It is essentially a huge tarp with a corner sewn into it. It is nowhere near the elegant canvas work on other boats around me, but it is significantly cheaper than having it professionally made. That said, if we live here again next winter I think we will spring for a professional canvas. It will enclose all 4 sides and the flybridge, which will dramatically increase our dry living space.

Re-covering the seats

Penny was built in 1977. Needless to say, they had some pretty interesting ideas on what was “fashionable” back then. Alix is hosting a party in a couple weeks so we decided to stop putting off the project and put new covers on the seats. Came out pretty nice. Maybe the pattern is not “modern”, but it works for us! I think you will agree that the before and after shots are impressive.

We did not want a solid color because we thought it might be too boring. We looked at several patterns and settled on simple zig-zags. It came out pretty nice and really lightened up the boat. It does draw your eye. We will try it out for a while and if needed swap it out again. It is very easy to put new coverings on Penny’s seats. Be part is it only cost $30 to do it ourselves!

Before – funky 1977 style


After – freshly covered. Yes the long backrest will be completed shortly.


Penny’s new rain cover

Being in a covered slip rain is typically not a problem for getting on the boat, that is until storms from the south come in. Then the back is drenched. This is my first attempt at building a canvas cover for the back of the boat. I am interested to see how it does when the winds kick up. Meter says 12 mph right now and it is doing fine. Used strips of velcro to secure it to the frames and a cheap painters cloth for in case I totally screw something up 🙂


Penny’s new medicine cabinet

Walking around in Home Depot recently Alix and I noticed this great medicine cabinet. Always on the hunt to better organize and store things on the boat we went home and measured the head (bathroom). It fit perfect! This evening we installed our shiny new cabinet and added a large amount of new storage in the bathroom 🙂






Working Great!

Working Great!

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