VW Bus: Gas Tank FAIL

June 4, 2009

A more in depth post is to follow when the entire procedure is done, but I feel so silly about this I just have to post it for all the world to share in laughing at me as I am laughing right now. My Bus has been having issues running, and a family friend who

2009: Adventure Home

May 17, 2009

I call this an adventure because it was really more than a trip. A trip involves simply getting in your car, fueling up, and getting there. This is a tale of high stakes, deciet, drugs, and sleazy women…ok, maybe some of that is incorrect, but it was fairly crazy none the less. Follow along as

Bus Pilots 2009 May Day Show and Shine

May 4, 2009

Yesterday was the Bus Pilots annual May Day Show and Shine, this year at Lakeview Park in Nampa Idaho. It was a great time of hanging out with other Bus Pilots, eating great food(Thanks Josh!), and enjoying the dubs. We were featured on Fox 12! Download the video clip Click on any of the pictures

Bus Enjoying the Sun

April 22, 2009

I caught my bus out enjoying the sun with is windows popped today. Snapped a couple candids.

Work Day at Josh and Bethany’s

April 6, 2009

After Josh and Bethany helped me to patch up my brakes and steering, I came back to watch/help Josh and Alex take the engine and transmission out of his bus. I got to see Bethany working on the brakes on her bug and learned a bit more about how brakes work. Trying to take the