Work Day at Josh and Bethany’s

April 6, 2009

After Josh and Bethany helped me to patch up my brakes and steering, I came back to watch/help Josh and Alex take the engine and transmission out of his bus. I got to see Bethany working on the brakes on her bug and learned a bit more about how brakes work. Trying to take the castle nut off the rear passenger wheel on Josh’s bus was a chore. He broke a breaker bar while standing on it trying to get it off. We managed to rustle up another socket wrench from another Bus Pilot, and that one broke too! Bethany picked up a tool that allows you to hammer on the nut, still nothing. Finally Bethany and Alex went and picked up a Torque Meister. Even with that it took a while before the nut began to move. Taking an engine out of a bus is surprisingly easy. I had read many posts about how easy it is, but really, it is easy! I can take an engine completely out a bus by myself. Unfortunately after Josh transferred the parts of the old transmission to put the new one in he found out it was slightly different. Just enough that he does not think he can use it. So the main goal of swapping the transmission did not happen, but I feel like I learned a ton. Hopefully I can remember it. I took some pics below, but not really very many. I should have taken more as they showed me stuff to help remember, but oh well.

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