Electronic Ignition swap on my 1965 VW Bus

January 5, 2016

Until now my 1965 VW Bus has still utilized the original points and condenser system. I enjoy the feel of the old tech so I never really gave it a thought. This Bus has been running points just fine for me for the past 7 years. Occasionally though you have to change out the points

Storm breaks tree over VW Bus

September 1, 2015

While I was away on my honeymoon there was a big wind storm. One of the trees on the property was messed up pretty bad. My 1965 VW Bus wound up covered with branches, as well as a significant portion of the yard. The top of the tree wound up on top of the Bus.

VW Bus tune up for summer 2015!

April 13, 2015

This weekend my buddy Josh and I pulled my 1965 VW Bus out of storage and did the final tune ups to get her running for the summer! Made a new friend, Mike, who lives nearby where she was stored and knows a ton about these aircooled motors. In 15 minutes he had me up