ZDD: Time for a new headsail setup

August 15, 2011

I am having tons of fun with my new toy zzZippety Doh Dah, however after piloting Neptune’s Car for a few hours the race bug has bitten me. There is nothing like screaming along the water with the wind trying to rip your hair off and the sails straining to get away from the rigging! Unfortunately ZDD has a set of rather old sails. Not only are the sails old, the head sail is the wrong size for the boat! The bottom of the sail gets caught up on the life lines and is not able to fully flair out and make that beautiful shape that sets the heart aflutter.

I am going to move the front lifelines down so the sail will go over the top. That should help until I get the new jib furler setup that I am wanting.

Take a look at this picture I took with my phone while out today. Notice the bottom of the sail all bunched up on the lifeline. Could have squeezed another knot or two out if it was not hung up.

Now check this out, the lifelines are entirely hidden behind that sail. This happens when I tack and is annoying because I cannot get the sail out over the side to fill with air unless is over steer first.

If anyone happens to know of a furler that fits a North American Spirit 23 please let me know!