End Q2 2018 Update

July 28, 2018

There has been a lot going on since my Q1 Update! Still working hard to make my 2018 Vision be, and continue to be, a reality.

How’s it going so far? Pretty great! There have been some setbacks, but much more positive forward motion than backward :).

Lets go through the four vision statements…

Vision: Become a topnotch, well respected communicator and coach

To date I have completed/am currently doing:

Speaking Engagements 4
Masterminds 5
Coaching Over 60 hours!

There are two masterminds currently running, and I have plans to start another in September.

Within a week I will have another coaching clients.

I have several team building training sessions in planning phase currently.

In the final planning phase is a leadership networking group.

Vision: Let my money make me money, not me making money

This is my second most actively worked vision, after the next vision which involves my relationship with my wife.

To date I am actively working with startups (new businesses) in the following categories:

In planning phase 1
Pre-launch 2
Self-sustaining 0
Flops 0

The business I was most excited about flopped, however others are in the works! Also currently working on a multifamily real estate deal.

Vision: Build an ever improving relationship with my wife that others coming behind can model after

This is going great! I feel that Alix and I have never been more in sync. She graduated with her masters this year and we are looking toward the next phase of life. More will come on that in the next quarter.

Vision: Live a slow paced life

I have cut a lot out of my life. I am able to enjoy sailing and business building a lot more because of it. Life is still busy but it is a different type of busy. It feels slower because the busy now is of my choosing and timing.

Life is good!
I expect it only to continue getting better!

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