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Gorgeous winter day for a quick cruise from Shilshole Marina to Blake Island

My buddy Alcane came aboard and we sailed out of Shilshole Marina to Blake Island in tandem with S/V Victoria.

Docked at Blake Island with the Footloose early crew

Footloose 2015 Blake Island Trip

This year I joined the Footloose Sailing Association in Seattle. The entire goal of Footloose is to get people who would not normally be capable of boating, let alone the work required for sailing, out on the water and sailing. Each season Footloose does a trip for the participants to Blake Island, a 475 acre […]

Blake Island hammock camping trip!

Josh and I enjoy camping and backpacking. This year we picked up some hammocks and for the trial run of our hammock camping we decided to head out to Blake Island. The wind was awesome and the waves were amazing. About 5′ in height.

A weekend at Blake Island

Blake Island is a stunning semi-secluded island 8 miles (12 km) from the heart of Seattle. Blake is a 475 acre Washington State Park and as such there are no residents and the only way to get to the island is by private boat. It is a great place to take the boat out to […]

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