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Gorgeous winter day for a quick cruise from Shilshole Marina to Blake Island

My buddy Alcane came aboard and we sailed out of Shilshole Marina to Blake Island in tandem with S/V Victoria.

Docked at Blake Island with the Footloose early crew

2016 SBYC Burger Burn

Each year the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) host an annual Burger Burn on Blake Island. I love going to Blake Island (and have written other posts about it) and jumped at the opportunity to head out there with the wonderful new friends I have found in SBYC.

My boat, Zippey, is currently waiting on the boatyard for some work and Anne graciously invited myself and Josh to come over on her boat. The weather was supposed to be overcast and rainy on the way there but we had an excellent sail under bright blue skies.

Josh and I brought along our camping hammocks and hung up in the trees. Due to the overnight rains we set up our hammock tarps. It was an interesting experience since we had not needed to use them before. We were warm and snug away from the wind and rain at night.

Some of the students in the University of Washington Yacht Club came to the island as well. One sailed a laser all the way from the university, through the locks, and across Puget Sound! I want that skill.

Note: The laser laying over is 100% ok! They have no ballast so laying it over on the dock is the only way to keep it from running off.

Good friends, good food, boats, and live music from Joe, Tom, and Chris. What a wonderful weekend. The sail back home was excellent. Averaged 15 mph winds under blue skies again.

Footloose 2015 Blake Island Trip

IMG_1407This year I joined the Footloose Sailing Association in Seattle. The entire goal of Footloose is to get people who would not normally be capable of boating, let alone the work required for sailing, out on the water and sailing.

Each season Footloose does a trip for the participants to Blake Island, a 475 acre state park. It is about 8 miles from downtown Seattle and the only way there is by private boat, no ferry or bridge.

This last weekend I had the privilege of hosting part of the group on my boat. We had 5 boats, 9 participants, and many volunteers head out to the island. It was a big undertaking but the participants got so much joy out of it that I am already looking forward to next year.


Blake Island hammock camping trip!

Josh and I enjoy camping and backpacking. This year we picked up some hammocks and for the trial run of our hammock camping we decided to head out to Blake Island.

The wind was awesome and the waves were amazing. About 5′ in height.

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