July 24, 2017 Race Report – NRN

July 24, 2017

Race: Ballard Cup Series III Race 1 Course in Shilshole: NRN Crew: Ben L, Robert K, Jeff, Mike, Robert Dall Winds: 6-13 knots (guesstimate) Average Speed: 5.6 knots Placement: 4th in class 4th in series 45th overall Results Link This was a tough race from the very start. The race committee had a snafu after

July 10, 2017 Race practice and boat improvement notes

July 17, 2017

No race today to allow boats to participate in Whidbey Island Race Week. We were not part of the race week so a few of us got together to do some practice. Crew: Ben L, John P, Keith H Winds: N 15-20 knots Winds had been light and from the south all day. Right before

June 19, 2017 Race Report – NBMBN

June 19, 2017

Race: Ballard Cup Series II Race 3. Course in Shilshole: NBMBN – Shortened to NBMB due to lack of wind Crew: Ben L, Robert K, Keith H, David S Winds: 1-10 knots (guesstimate) Average Speed: 5 knots Placement: 3rd in class 5th in series (Missed the first race and got a 7) 59th overall Results

June 12, 2017 Race Report – NMBN – Light, Gusty, and Swirly

June 13, 2017

After months in hiding Billabong has finally poked her nose back into the racing world! The rebuilt motor purrs like a kitten but what that boat really likes to do is sail and sail fast. Race: Ballard Cup Series II Race 2. Course in Shilshole: NMBN Crew: Ben L, Robert K, Keith H Winds: 0-8