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Today I joined WebDevStudios!

Today I am pleased to announce that I have joined the WebDevStudios team as a Lead Developer.

Brad Williams mentioned to me several months ago that if I was ever looking for a change to think about joining his amazing team. At the time I was enjoying the lifestyle afforded by Automattic and working on the Jetpack project. As I interacted with other WebDevStudio employees (like the amazing Justin Sternberg) over the months they also said it would be fun to work together and last month I began to seriously consider taking Brad up on his offer. Working with WebDevStudios will put me back into a high level management role, and there are opportunities for upward growth. Something that is simply not found at Automattic with its flat corporate structure. WebDevStudios also gives back to the community in many ways. I highly respect the entire WebDevStudios leadership team and the company as a whole.

I am excited to begin a new journey and look forward to a long and rewarding time with Brad and his team!

See the announcement at WebDevStudios.com

Today I am running my first Ragnar!


My phone alarm goes off at 2:30 am and I roll over and stare at my phone in bewilderment. Who set an alarm for this awful hour? As the fog clears I remember, today is the Ragnar!

Excitement builds as I quickly bounce out of bed ( after hitting snooze 4 times! ) and hop in the shower.

The Ragnar is a 200 mile relay race. The team is broken into 2 vans of 6 people each. We all run 3 seperate legs. I am the 3rd runner in van 1.

My legs are:

Leg 4 – 3.90 miles – Easy rating


Leg 16 – 4.10 miles – Moderate rating


Leg 28 – 8.10 miles – Very Hard rating


This will be my first marathon! I am stoked to be in it. A year ago I decided to kick my personal fitness into overdrive and started working with Rich Thompson of Fetch Fitness. I am now able to be much more active and feel far better in life in general. This will be the most running I have done. My previous distance record is 6 miles in one go. I am looking forward to pushing myself and winning this battle!

How your support helped change lives today

Today was our second day at the orphanage. I want to share with you the impact that your contribution has had on the kids here. The supplies we had to purchase locally arrived today.

100 new mattresses
Here is what was replaced
14 pigs, including a year of feed, a pen (being built), and a caretaker for a year
7 cows, including a year of feed, a pen, and a caretaker for a year
New belts for 10 sewing machines that were donated last year

Shoes for all the new kids (not pictured)

Sponsors for 6 kids (also not pictured)

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