2021 Year in Review

January 1, 2022

2021 Year in Review

2021 felt like a year of transition. What that transition was I did not know. The year seemed to past both quickly and slowly, all the while the pressing weight of change was my companion. Looking back, the change is evident, though in the moment it was difficult to realize. Now I can see that 2021 was the year that transitioned me out of many of the things that were keeping me busy, so that in 2022 I can focus hard on building a legacy for my growing family.

A lot happened during 2021, more than is possible to write here, but let me lay out the highest and lowest points first.

S/V Shadow at Pink Boat Regatta

Perhaps the most fun change was getting a sailboat again. We (Alix and I) had been without a boat for a couple years. Sailing is my happy place. It does not matter what else is going on in the world, the moment I set foot on my boat all the pain and concern of the world fades away. In April we purchased a 1987 Catalina 36, in prime condition. To my extreme joy and satisfaction, little Clara loves the boat. Often when we are away from the boat she will request to visit. She has a cabinet all her own, full of toys and adventures. Alix and I were ready to get at it again. 

Clara on S/V Shadow 2021

Three days after taking ownership of the boat we set off on a multi day cruise. It was glorious. Over the course of the year we went on dozens of trips. One of my great joys is sharing sailing with people who have never been. I lost track of how many people went out with us. It was not uncommon to have the boat away from the dock 2-3 times a week.

Wayne Lobaugh Sr.

The most sorrowful change was the passing of my grandfather, Wayne Lobaugh Sr. Grandpa was a great man. Full of wisdom, love for his family, and love of Jesus. He was the bedrock of so much in my life. It is fair to say that I would not be the man I am today without his influence. Grandpa had unconditional love for everyone he came in contact with. It did not matter how wealthy you were, what you looked like, smelled like, ate, what religion you practiced. None of that mattered. Only you mattered. That unconditional love is the legacy he left behind. One I strive to live up to, and instill in my kids, daily.

Here is a list of some of key points of 2021:


  • Alix is pregnant again! We are expecting baby number two in April of 2022. A boy.
  • Alix and I try to intentionally grow together. This year I believe saw the greatest growth not only as a couple, but as friends. It is possible to be married without being friends, but I want a partner in the adventure of life. Someone who will step up and take a journey with me. A person to laugh at my dumb jokes (and they are very, very dumb). A person who will be fun to grow old with.
  • SIX year anniversary! I know, I cannot believe it has been 6 years either. We of course did a weekend sailing cruise. The weather turned gnarly and Alix had to hide in the cabin while the wind and waves tossed us around like a cork!
  • Clara started dance class! Clara has been dancing her little heart out since she could wiggle. Watching her dance with other toddlers tickles my heart. There is so much joy that emanates from her little face when she dances. #prouddaddy
  • Clara and I did a 2k+ mile road trip to Monterey Bay for Auntie Madelines wedding. It was a fun bonding time. Every couple hours we stopped at a park to stretch and play. On the way home Alix road with us. I want to do that again!
  • On Father’s Day I took my father on his first sail! We cruised around Commencement Bay in Tacoma, and then along the downtown waterfront. He loved it.
  • My 79 year old grandmother also came sailing for her first time on Father’s Day! 


  • Got off the dock multiple times each week during the summer 🙂 <3
  • Almost killed the entire music team from church. Whoops! Put up the big spinnaker and got hit with 25 knot winds (it had been 9 knots!)! The boat laid sideways in the water. Nobody cried, nobody died. Everyone stayed surprisingly calm.
  • Participated in the Tacoma Pink Boat Regatta. It was a crazy rainy day, but oh so much fun, and raised money for a good cause.

Organizational changes

  • Stepped off the board of Footloose Disabled Sailing. I had been on the board for 5+ years. I will still be involved with the group, but with the new baby on the way it was time to pass the torch, for now.
  • Decided 2022 will be my last year as Race Chair for Shilshole Bay Yacht Club. For similar reasons to ^. I have also served on the board of SBYC for 5+ years.
  • Joined the church council for Gathering Place Foursquare. It was an extreme honor to be asked. I always thought church councils were made up of old people, and now I am on one….
  • Became more involved in Seattle GiveCamp. This is another amazing organization that I am happy to be stepping up my involvement in.

Other Misc Highlights

  • I became a beekeepers! I have wanted honey bee hives since I was a teenager. I never imagined I would live in a city. Honey bees are not allowed here, but Alix turned me on to Mason and Leafcutter bees, which can be easily kept in town. I love them! It was super fun to sit on my back deck and watch them buzzing around.
  • Purchased a Warlock electric guitar! Something else I saw as a teenager and have wanted ever since. I noticed the prices of them started going up and ran across one that looked like the first Warlock I ever saw. It was a good price, the top end model, and I knew I had to have it! It now hangs on the wall next to my desk.
  • Fully transitioned my keyboard synth setup from a Mac laptop to an iPad. A decade ago I was carrying around multiple keyboards, a rack of sound modules, and just beginning to get into computer generated sounds. Today I carry a single screen, that fits in a jacket pocket, that not only powers all the sounds I need, but also displays the sheet music! Setup time at gigs went from an hour to three minutes. Technology is incredible!

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