4 Quick Tips to be a Better Remote Manager

November 4, 2022

Recent events have forced a lot of businesses and teams to work from home, many for the very first time. If you are leading one of these teams and you have never worked remotely before, you are probably realizing you’re going to need to make some adjustments, most importantly to your communication. Clear Communication Hopefully,

How to build a VPN client as a Docker container

September 8, 2022

There is not much to be found online about running a VPN inside Docker. Indeed, I do not believe many out there have thought about it, however leveraging a VPN inside of Docker unlocks a wealth of new possibilities. Here are just a few examples that come to mind, some of which I have used

Habbakuk 3 sermon

August 15, 2022

On August 7, 2022 I gave the sermon at Gathering Place Foursquare

How I set up a new Mac in minutes with a simple Homebrew script

June 2, 2022

Setting up a new machine used to be a huge chore that I did not look forward to, however in the Apple world there is a great tool called Homebrew that makes setting up a new machine a snap. Homebrew is a package manager for MacOS. It has a plethora of packages available. In fact,

2021 Year in Review

January 1, 2022

2021 Year in Review 2021 felt like a year of transition. What that transition was I did not know. The year seemed to past both quickly and slowly, all the while the pressing weight of change was my companion. Looking back, the change is evident, though in the moment it was difficult to realize. Now