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The Jeep gets a new radiator


Black Hummer

Just kidding. Though I was tempted to trade the Jeep!

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been over heating lately. There has been a coolant leak since I owned it, and some leak stop severely gummed up the fins in the radiator. The warm weather brought the issue to stark light.

Spent 7 hours today swapping it for a brand new radiator. Way too long! This Jeep has the 4.7 V8 in it. Lots of power and fun, but the engine compartment is also more cramped. The fan has 4 bolts and one of them was difficult to get as it was behind the steering pump. We decided to pull the hoses off the fan and pull it out as a single unit. BAD IDEA. If you do it figure out how to get the fan bolts out and you will save a ton of time.

Anyways….. we got it done. The Jeep is holding temp rock solid now. And no more leaking!!!

March 2019 desk

March 2019 Desk

My office space is in transition. Currently working from the back dining room. This room is multipurpose, meaning each morning I set up my equipment and after work it gets taken down. We also use this room for dining, music, workshop.

On my desk:

  • 2018 MacBook Pro
  • 30” super high res Dell monitor
  • 2018 iPad
  • iPhone 6
  • empty 🙁 coffee mug

March 2019 desk

Alix first ever paint stroke

First strokes

Alix first ever paint stroke

How many Bens can you find?

This is what community means

I like being a part of a community.

I like being around people with the same passions and joys as me.

I like people who come together for the common good.

Shilshole Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) is a great example of a fantastic community. Ever since my first event I was hooked by the quality of people and their community. Both on and off the water I have found SBYC members to be warm and caring.

Recently I needed to mow my lawn. My lawn was not your typical overgrown lawn. Due to my property holding water I was not able to walk across the lawn without sinking at least an inch. By the time we had enough warm dry days in a row to make the lawn safe to walk on the lawn had become a jungle. I could barely see my dogs when they went outside!

Unfortunately my mower was not up to the job, and the weed whacker would have taken all day. SBYC member Anne to the rescue! Anne lives lives nearby and when I asked if she had a lawn mower I could borrow she agreed without a seconds hesitation or questions.

Using Anne’s beefy lawn mower allowed me to trim back the jungle in a couple hours, instead of days. I even had to make two passes with the first on the highest setting.

Thank you Anne for being a part of the SBYC community, and thank you SBYC for creating and promoting a wonderful community!


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