2017 Liberty Bay July 3rd raft up

November 26, 2017

The July 3rd fireworks event in Liberty Bay is the single most looked forward to event of the year for me. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of boats descend on Liberty Bay for one of the better fireworks displays around. Boats come in groups and raft up (tie together) or singly. This year I was excited to

Today I ran my first sailboat race!

March 19, 2016

Today was the final race in the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) Snowbird Series, and I had the honor of running the race. In 2015 I started racing with Joe Bozick on his Sweden 36, Breeze. Joe pushed me hard understand the ins and outs of sailboat racing, and after joining SBYC, urged me to

My first “cruise” with Shilshole By Yacht Club (SBYC)

March 1, 2016

This past weekend Alix and I went on our first “cruise” with the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club (SBYC). Our first cruise did not actually involve any boats. Each year SBYC does a ski cruise to Wenatchee. This year a wine tour and snow mobiling was added. Alix and I joined part of the group on