My first “cruise” with Shilshole By Yacht Club (SBYC)

March 1, 2016

This past weekend Alix and I went on our first “cruise” with the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club (SBYC).


Our first cruise did not actually involve any boats. Each year SBYC does a ski cruise to Wenatchee. This year a wine tour and snow mobiling was added. Alix and I joined part of the group on a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Martin-Scott Winery. Mike, the owner, took us on quite the experience. Mike started his growing career out with apples and got into grapes much later in life. We walked through the vineyards and learned about how various fields were setup and grown, then strolled through the warehouse where the wine was made. We even got to sample some Pinot Grigio directly out of the barrel. All the wine made by Martin-Scott was top quality. If you get an opportunity to drink any Martin-Scott wine jump on it!

The rest of the trip was spent enjoying the camaraderie of fellow members. Hours by the hot tub, social hour in the hotel bar, and countless conversations about our favorite subject, our boats.

This was my wife’s first introduction to the club and she had a fantastic time meeting everyone and listening to their nerdy talk about boating. She is looking forward to attending more events with the club and I cannot wait till my sailboat Zippey’s bottom is redone and we can get out there cruising on the water with you all again!

Alix remarked to me after the first dinner, “I thought you were just crazy but there are others that want to sail around the world too!” SBYC is already helping fulfill my bucket list.

For everyone who was not able to join you missed a great time and I hope to see you at the next event!

P.S. We were the only members with our SBYC burgee proudly on display in our car. This was an official cruise…I think this call for chickens all around!