Unplugging the fuel system on an outboard motor

August 3, 2011

zzZippety Doo Dah has a 7.5 horse power Honda outboard hanging off the transom. In the past this motor has been solid, firing up after one or two pulls on the cable.  The past two times I have taken it out however, the motor had all sorts of issues staying running at low RPMs. The

New Toy: North American Spirit 23 – zzZippety Doo Dah

July 27, 2011

This post is well overdue, by a couple of months actually…sorry. A few years back I became interested in sailboats when a friend began looking for one, and my aunt began telling me stories of her time living aboard a sailboat. I started doing some research of my own and after several months I came

Piloting Neptune’s Car

July 24, 2011

This evening I received a pleasure few will have, the chance to pilot the beautiful award winning racing sailboat Neptune’s Car. Neptune’s Car is a beautiful 1989 Santa Cruz 70′ racing sailboat designed by Bill Lee for racing from California to Hawaii. Neptune’s Car has won awards at races an she is fast! When she