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Last days at Microsoft

This photo harkens back to late 2012 when I worked at Microsoft Open Technologies Inc. In the final days of my tenure there I had dismantled my workstation and dropped down to the MacBook Air and my trusty iPad 1st gen as an external monitor.


Pyramid of monitors

I ran across this photo while looking through some folders. This workstation is from 2013. Hard to believe that was 2 years ago!


Dual monitors at Drip City

Finally found the USB extension and I am now able to have dual monitors at coffee shops!

Today I tested this out at Drip City coffee and other that draining my battery faster (duh, powered off USB) it worked out perfect! Not a full replacement for my 6 monitor house setup but great for on the go and working from coffee shops.

The monitor is an AOC. It works fine but I would like to replace it with a couple Lenovos which are much higher quality, smaller form factor, and full HD.


Desk of years gone by

While roaming through some photos from back in the day I stumbled across a photo taken of my desk when I worked at Microsoft circa 2011. It is amazing to see how technology has changed even in the few intervening years.


WordCamp Sunday Workspace

I am sitting in the contributor room on Sunday at WordCamp San Francisco.


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