NNU: New Science Building

April 18, 2009

John and I got to tour the new science building here at Northwest Nazarene University. We were interested in seeing what our new computer science lab will look like, and what our server closet is like. Since most of the ceiling panels had not been put in yet we followed the huge bundle of wires back to the building closet. I was very impressed at how clean the room looked with hundreds of network cables streaming into it. When we finally made our way to the computer science lab we were a little disapointed. It is smaller than what we have now, and the server closet is actually a closet…except that it has lots of power and network plugs. We are going to have to mount the servers in sideways for them to fit, and there is no way we can work on both sides of the servers without pulling them out. So we might wind up using our “server closet” for something else.

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