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2018 Vision

Q1 Update

I am not a fan of the “new year commitment”. While it may be well intended, the new years commitment is just one more item on your todo list. One more thing to work into an already busy schedule. One more thing to force yourself to do. This year I am creating a vision. Visions create passion and excitement. A vision creates a trajectory and provides momentum that can lead you to achieve far more than a goal will. Goals are stopping points, visions create life long growth. I want to be a known as a person who is constantly growing and chasing a vision.

In 2017 I started laying a foundation for life long growth. In 2018 I want to begin to shape that growth into a long term vision and start taking the steps necessary to get there.

Vision: Become a topnotch, well respected communicator and coach

One of my greatest joys is seeing someone have an “ah-ha!” moment, that lightbulb that goes on when they realize they can be and do more than they thought before. I am passionate about helping people find and reach their potential. In 2017 I became a certified speaker, teacher, and coach through the John Maxwell Team. Already a natural leader, teacher, and encourager, I wanted to take my ability to help people to the next level. My vision is to expand my audience beyond my current job and industry, to impact individuals, hospitals, businesses, and organizations in a truly transformative way. To leave each day behind having added value to everyone I came into contact with.

Vision: Let my money make me money, not me making money

Time is precious and the older I get the more precious it becomes. Time is the only true currency that exists. Once it is gone it is gone. I want to spend more time investing in my family and close friends. More time helping others see their potential. More time transforming others from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset. In order to do that I need to spend less time making money myself and more time focusing on how my money can make me more money. By studying wealthy people I have found that the best way for money to make more money is by investing in real estate and businesses. I was already on this path, however there was no vision. The vision gives clarity and a focused why statement that provides motivation. This vision will lead me to invest more heavily in businesses and real estate for myself.

Vision: Build an ever improving relationship with my wife that others coming behind can model after

Life is hard to navigate, relationships are harder. Finding someone who has been there already who you can follow is an invaluable resource. Along with my dream to add value to everyone around me, I want to be a relationship model everyone can emulate. No marriage is perfect, and that is the beauty of marriage. Anyone can have a good marriage in good times, but it is when the going gets tough that the quality of the relationship really shines through. I want my struggles and achievements to provide hope, inspiration, and a path to follow for all the other couples out there.

Vision: Live a slow paced life

Our society has a go-go-go mentality. Technology, fast food, kids school activities, work following you home, are all contributors to the idea that our schedule should always be full. Start one thing and then go start the next thing. No time in between to breathe. We have a belief that if we are busy we are productive but really all being busy means is that you are busy. Slowing down and creating space in life allows you to spend time thinking and reflecting. I have heard it said that even one minute of reflective thinking is worth an hour of activity. I want to slow life down so I can relax and enjoy it more as well as making the times I am busy truly more effective and productive. I want to be able to think and reflect more to enhance my relationships and all aspects of life.

Fatherless to the Fatherfull

These two cute kids reminded me how blessed I am to have a great father and grandfather in my life. Thank you to you and all the other men out there who have stepped up and become a father!

A brother and sister’s journey together


Circa one year ago today my sister, RaeAnn, and I boarded an airplane to fly nearly 20 hours and halfway around the planet to visit a people we did not know and had never met. Little did we know that shortly after touching down at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda that the course of our lives would be changed.

Anyone who followed my blog during that first trip knows that for many years prior to going I felt called to the peoples of Uganda. During the very first trip planning team meeting Joanne Ramos told us about the people we were going to serve and how we would be serving them. By the end of that first meeting I had a passion burning inside of me that felt like a raging bonfire. It could not be stopped and it would not be satisfied until I got to Uganda.

On the way home from that meeting I spoke to my sister. RaeAnn had be traveling to a community in El Salvador often since she was a teenager, in fact she had a trip planned just a couple months after that meeting. In my excitement I said she should come to Uganda with me. Her response was to say that she did not have enough money or vacation time to do both trip. I jokingly responded that if God wants it to happen it will happen. Imagine my surprise when a few days later she told me she signed up! To go on a trip with people she did not know to a foreign land she knew nothing about. I am sure glad she did though :D.

Our time in Uganda was mind blowing and life changing. We were able to blog nearly daily and you can read about it at:
My website https://ben.lobaugh.net/uganda
RaeAnn’s website http://raeann.lobaugh.us/

By the end of the trip RaeAnn and I had fallen hopelessly in love with the Ugandan people. That passion I had during the meeting has not abated, and RaeAnn had caught it.

I wrote a post titled Do not cry little one which was a call to action. A call to join with my sister and me to change lives in Uganda. Both RaeAnn and I have been faithful to that call and today our family currently supports 4 children in Destiny Orphanage and 1 Destiny graduate currently attending university (Hopefully soon to be one more!). You also have been faithful and changed lives and are continuing to change lives.

Today I happily sent my sister off. She is currently on an airplane 1 hour into her 20 hours of travel. Tomorrow she will debark the plane to happy smiling brown faces greeting her with enthusiasm and excitement. Momma Esther will have a party ready and waiting at the house for their arrival. Relationships built and maintained over the years and 4 trips will be rekindled, children’s lives will forever be changed for the better, and families will be healed. Though I was not able to join her this time I am proud of my sister and the legacy she carries over there. I am excited to hear stories from and about the people I now know and love and to learn about new people I will soon know and love.

Thank you for going on this journey with me RaeAnn. I am proud of you and inspired by the passion for people around the world burning in your heart. May your trip be blessed and many lives touched.

75 presents for 75 years!

Today is my grandfather’s 75th birthday! My grandpa is an amazing and inspiring man who I have been greatly privileged to have in my family tree. Throughout his life my grandfather has done everything from being a pastor to owning and operating his own plumbing business. There is not a single person in this world who dislikes or could say a bad thing about my grandfather. He has always been a light to the world and father/grandfather to many.

My parents are funny people and this year they gave grandpa 75 presents! One for each year of his life. He was tickled pink opening all the presents with his beloved family.


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