2018 Vision

January 4, 2018

Q1 Update I am not a fan of the “new year commitment”. While it may be well intended, the new years commitment is just one more item on your todo list. One more thing to work into an already busy schedule. One more thing to force yourself to do. This year I am creating a

Whole 30 in review

March 31, 2016

My wife and I just completed the Whole 30 diet. The Whole 30 is a diet that is intended to strip out all processed foods and the major allergy causing items. The idea is to “reset” your body and then slowly introduce various food items back. This reintroduction process reveals any food items that your

Homemade floating bed

January 6, 2016

The bed frame that Alix and I have had since the beginning of our marriage is horrible. It makes screeching noises that can wake the dead every time you move. Imagine living in a horror house where every time your wife moved her arm you jumped out of bed expecting the zombie apocalypse attack and

Wedding photos – First look

September 22, 2015

Alix and I met with our wedding photographer last night. Here are a few of the 800 amazing pictures taken at our wedding. Alix will be posting photos on Facebook over the coming days as well so stay tuned!