Homemade floating bed

January 6, 2016

The bed frame that Alix and I have had since the beginning of our marriage is horrible. It makes screeching noises that can wake the dead every time you move. Imagine living in a horror house where every time your wife moved her arm you jumped out of bed expecting the zombie apocalypse attack and you have some idea of how terrible this frame was.

While Alix was away visiting family I decided to hack together a cool floating bed. I picked up the wood from HomeDepot and my buddy Josh helped assemble it all. Now we have an awesome bed with no squeaks!

I also installed USB charging ports near the head of the bed. The ledge that sticks out around the perimeter is perfect for setting phones on at night to charge.

If you are curious about making your on floating bed here is a floating bed plan similar to my own.

IMG_2794 IMG_2795