Thursday at the Fortress

November 7, 2013

It is getting pretty close to the end here in Puerto Rico for the Jetpack crew. We split the day in half again to finish projects. I had my portion completed so I spent some time catching up on my hundreds of unread emails ( Plugin Plug: Look to your right, see that fancy new

Ode to Rocket

November 6, 2013

Today was a great day! The team continued to work on Jetpack projects, but we only scheduled projects for half the day. The second half was devoted to fun. The projects are going well and most people are just about wrapped up. I have a short amount to complete tomorrow and then my portion will

One test to rule them all

November 5, 2013

Today we continued Jetpack projects, with the notable exception of a code academy learn up for the developers. The code academy was on testing and how it can significantly improve overall code quality and structure by utilizing the Test Driven Development principles. Nikolay did a fantastic job of leading us through the day. We utilized

Jetpack projects day

November 4, 2013

Often from the outside looking in it seems as if Automatticians are always having fun. Granted working for Automattic is a lot of fun and I often am amazed that I get paid do do exactly what I love, but we do actually work. And we get stuff done! I started off the morning with

Jetpack is going to San Juan!

November 3, 2013

Another day, another flight. Since I joined Automattic not a month has gone by that has not seen me on a plane somewhere. This time the Jetpack team is getting together for a week of fun and hacking in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have dubbed this sort of trip a workation, part work part