Katende Gospel Life Church

October 5, 2014

Sundays we are free to go to church. Church service here is unlike church in the USA and I love it. I was invited to speak at the Katende Gospel Life Church. The church was in a small village an hour away from the guest house we are staying at. Services here are a big

Do Not Defend Christianity

August 17, 2009

For many years now I have watched reactions people have towards Christians and been completely dissatisfied. Christianity has given itself a bad name. It saddens me this has happened because it immediately turns people off when the idea people have about what a Christian is is nowhere near the reputation Christianity holds today. I recently

Porn and Paper Pastors

April 22, 2009

I just read a good article that was sent to me via a Calvinist email group I am subscribed to. I rather enjoyed it and I think you should read it as well. Click the title below to be taken to the author’s website. Porn and Paper Pastors

Day Seven: The End

February 8, 2009

Today was the last day of our fast. It has been a very good experience for both Jeff and I. Over the past week we both fell into the grace of God. It really was like taking a step over an edge without being able to see any footing further on. When we put our

Day Six

February 7, 2009

Almost there! Less than 24 hours and I will be having some delicious bread! Since Jeff has researched all this and tried it before I am trusting him to know how to break this fast in the least painful way. Me, I’d go for a big juicy steak, but that probably wouldn’t do me much