Bon Voyage Zippey

November 23, 2016

On Sunday I delivered zzZippety Doo Dah to her new home.

When I got Zippey six years ago I had no idea how the simple act of purchasing her would dramatically alter the course of my life. Zippey came through for me in some of the roughest times of my life, never failing to bring peace and perspective. She provided safe passage and fun adventures in the Puget Sound. Zippey brought many years of joy and it is with bittersweet feeling that I pass her along to a new family. Jeff is a member of Footloose and a sailing enthusiast. As a grandfather and lover of the seas I know Zippey is in good hands and will bring joy to a new generation of budding sailors.

I want to provide a few great memories here. With six years of memories built up the list of good times are almost too numerous to count. I encourage you to peruse the stories on this site.

Learning to sail

When I purchased Zippey I had never been sailing. For several weeks I would motor out into Sinclair Inlet and practice pointing the boat in different directions and pulling or releasing lines to see what would happen. Zippey was a fantastic and forgiving boat to learn on.

First knock down

While trying to get a sail in before an approaching storm with a small craft advisory the wind hit a bit early. My 12 year old cousin Cinnamon was piloting the boat as we were hit broadside with a massive gust of with that knocked the boat down, mast in the water. I had been reading about heavy weather sailing and we responded accordingly to recover from the situation and went back to the safety of the marina. I vividly remember and still recount this experience as it was a pivotal learning experience in my sailing education, and a great adrenaline rush.

Taking numerous friends and family members sailing.

Running aground in front of a major public park in Seattle with Mike Karikas.

The first Liberty Bay rafting trip with the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club.

Pleasant days on the water with my girl. Zippey even got the privilege of hosting our engagement photoshoot!

My first boat trip through the Ballard Locks.

Using Zippey to support the Footloose Disabled Sailing Association and breast cancer research through the Pink Boat Regatta.

Happy sails Zippey. I promise our paths will continue to cross!