Penny’s new fridge

May 27, 2015


Penny was commissioned in 1977. She is an old gal but in remarkably good shape for her age, though some of her joints are getting creaky. One of them is her fridge (which I am not convinced is original).

The fridge that came with the boat was an older Norcold model. A few month after I got Penny the 110v input went out. I switched to using 12v but on these older models it does not cool as efficiently. A few weeks ago that went out as well.

New marine fridges are expensive! I was looking at $2,000 to replace the Norcold. No thank you! A couple weeks went by and the food I had did not need refrigerating so I left the Norcold sitting. A couple nights ago my wonderful fiancée and I were talking about it and i got on Craigslist and found a regular house apartment style fridge for $50 that said lightly used. I picked it up and they really meant lightly used! The original packing was still on it.

The new fridge has about the same interior space as the old but with the updates in technology over the past couple decades the unit as a whole is quite a bit smaller. Finally now I can have ice cream on the boat!

Here is the old Norcold unit. It filled the entire hole.