Head wall modifications

May 4, 2015

A couple owners ago Penny was a liveaboard by a retired couple. They made some great modifications to the boat however for taller individuals not all were ideal. In the head was placed a light bar similar to the kind you find in a house bathroom. Exactly the same as the house I grew up in actually. Nothing wrong with this per se thought it was super bright. The mirror beneath the light was far too low for me as the reflection I saw was from my adam’s apple to my belly button.


This weekend I pulled out the light bar and removed the mirror from the wall. I really like the wallpaper on this wall. I was bummed when I saw it had been cut for the light bar.


A neighboring boater was getting rid of a mirror on their boat and kindly donated it to my cause. It is almost twice the size of the original mirror and now I can see my face! I think I would still like to measure the available space and get a bigger mirror but for now this new setup is fantastic.