Carver’s maiden voyage

October 16, 2014


This evening marked the first time I took the Carver out and played with it. Yes I have owned it for a few weeks now, however I have been traveling extensively and very busy at home so had not taken her out yet other than to move her from one slip to another with my buddy Rich.

The Carver currently sits in Fairview Marina in South Lake Union. Fairview is fine if you just want a place to park your boat between uses and over the winter, however it lacks amenities and does not allow liveaboard. So I cast about for a new home for the Carver and ran across Stimson marina in Ballard.

I have been eyeballing Ballard as a place to live for a couple years now. Stimson is mere minutes walking distance from the downtown are of Ballard. Both my dear friend (and first mate on this trip) Josh and I secured liveaboard slips next to each other. There was concern the Carver would not fit the slip as she is 12′ wide. Josh and I ran her over and did a test. She fits. But it is tight. Just inches on either side!

Anywho, took a video as we were crossing the wide portion of Lake Union.