Bella meets Peter Parker, the spiderdog!

March 3, 2014

My friend Rich is the owner and a trainer at Fetch Fitness, an awesome fitness company that was designed around the premise of exercising with your dog. You may recall I was on the King 5 New Day show with him a couple months ago. Go watch it to hear more about his awesome business.

Before your dog can join a group fitness class Rich does a private session with the dog to make sure they understand the proper commands and will interact with other dogs well. Peter Parker is Rich’s beautiful Vizla who is the model trainer for all incoming dogs and helps lead classes.

This morning Bella met Peter Parker for the first time. It was friendship at first sniff!

IMG_4913Rich took us to an amazing dog park in West Seattle. There is a very large track that dogs can run around that winds its way through the forest. We took the dogs off-park to a neighboring field and let them run, and run they did. For at least a half hour straight.

Bella has an amazing amount of energy! After running for a half hour she ran from dog to dog trying to get them to run with her.

Peter Parker spent the rest of the day with us and they continued to play in the car

And they continued to play at home

THEY PLAYED ALL DAY! For hours and hours and hours! It is 8pm and Bella is home now. My turn for dinner…finally