Fetch Fitness on King 5 New Day

November 11, 2013

This morning I joined Rich Thompson, Owner and Lead Trainer at Fetch Fitness on the King 5 New Day show. Thanks to Zoot for outfitting us with some great new fitness outfits for the show!

Fetch Fitness slogan is “K9 friendly fitness for humans”, but they go far beyond just working out with your furry friend. I have been training with Rich for a few months now and the trainers at Fetch Fitness are really about the whole life experience, beyond simply pumping iron. The Fetch Fitness team gets to know you on a personal level, what you do for a living, hobbies, where you want to physically be and where you are physically now and then tailor builds a life strategy just for you. While physical fitness is the main component they also provide services for nutrition, finances, clothing and hairstyles, and more. Fetch Fitness knows that your health goes beyond just the physical and into mental and emotional states. With Fetch Fitness you get the whole package. Personally in just a couple months I have noticed a dramatic increase in my own physical fitness, as well as a much more positive outlook on life.

If you are in the Seattle area I highly encourage you to contact Fetch Fitness today to see how they can help you too! Not in Seattle or traveling? Fetch Fitness even offers Skype based training sessions!

Check this morning’s show (Starts at 2:20):

4 thoughts on “Fetch Fitness on King 5 New Day

  1. Jeremy (November 12, 2013)

    You really needed Rocket with you for that show!

    1. Ben Lobaugh (blobaugh) (November 12, 2013)

      I know! I was showing the others pictures of her pre-show. They all found her adorable.

      1. Ryan Cowles (November 12, 2013)


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