This page is about Propellerhead’s awesome software synth Reason.

Worship Stack

This is the exact setup I use at church. It has 10 great sounds. 11 if you count the electric piano, but as of right now I am still looking for one to satisfy me.

Note: In order for this to run on my Macbook Pro I had to up the buffer to 1,024 in Preferences under Audio, as well as up CPU Usage Limit to 95% on the General tab.


  • Warm Pad – Korg Triton Extreme
  • Universe – Korg M1R
  • Mellow Pad
  • Underwater
  • Angel Choir
  • The Lord
  • Organ
  • Blessed – Korg Triton Extreme
  • Soft Sweep – Korg Triton Extreme
  • Piano
  • Electric Piano

Download my Worship Stack

Be sure that you have my latest sample pack or some sounds will not work.

My Hardware

My Samples

Before I left my beloved Korg Triton Extreme and a rack of sound modules home for the school year I took time to make some samples, and as I hear new sounds I like I sample them as well. This sample package has some great sounds that I know you will want to have.

Download my Sample Pack

Note: You will need this pack if you intend on using many of the song files posted here.


These are currently only audio files. In the future I will post the Reason song files as well.