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The brown crusty joys of boat ownership

Cruisers have a saying, “Sailboat cruising is simply boat repair in exotic places.” That may be slightly tongue-in-cheek but boy what I wouldn’t give to be in an exotic place right now.

This time last year I was reinstalling Billabong’s motor. Unfortunately the shaft seal failed shortly after and became progressively worse over the summer. To make matters worse, the salt water was spraying all over my freshly rebuilt and painted motor. It ate right through the paint and rusted up the sides of the motor. Now I get to clean it all up….again…..

What makes an outboard not turn…

I had a chance today to look at the Tohatsu 9.8 outboard on the dinghy. It has not been turning. A bit of a bummer when you are trying to motor along and direction other than straight.

Flipped the motor over and was greeted by the sight of a thickly rusted tube. The tube that the motor is supposed to pivot on. Oops.

My best guess is the sacrificial zinc was all eaten up and this tube is the next best “sacrificial” metal.

What makes an outboard not turn…

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