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Krud Kutter is an amazing cleaning tool

I recently cleaned up my new dinghy that was sitting outside in salt water for the summer, as well as a kayak that had sat in fresh water for two years. Needless to say both of them were a mess. Enter Krud Kutter. I had not used Krud Kutter before but a fellow boater recommended it and even brought some over for me to use. The dinghy I had been putting some major elbow grease into and after sprinkling on some Krud Kutter all the gunk came off with ease. I highly recommend this amazing product. As an added bonus it is gentle on the environment!

This is the dinghy before

And this is after Krud Kutter. It should be noted that after using Krud Kutter I used very little pressure to get the remaining junk off the boat.


Here is the kayak that had sat in a fresh water lake for two years.



After Krud Kutter. The boat is pretty dang clean! The white plastic is stained but should whiten up with an application of bleach. Otherwise it is completely clean.


Bachelor Party!

Can you believe I am getting married in FOUR DAYS??? I cannot.

My guys threw a great bachelor party for me this weekend. We hit up a couple thrift stores and outfitted ourselves with outrageous “formal” attire. From there we were going to paintball in said suits but the paintball place closed early, so we moved on the part 3 of the schedule, kayaking!

The kayaking was great. We left from Enetai park and roved around super rich people’s houses and yachts. We chased a sailboat and caught up to it! Richie paddled with his entire left arm in the water and came away soaked.

After paddling we meet up with more guys at Lakewood park for some disc golf. I of course won fair and square! Jaffe kindly did not track his own score so I could win ;).

We finished off the night with dinner at the Whiskey Kitchen in Ballard and polished a couple growlers on the boat.

Fantastic day. Thanks Josh for being my best man and organizing and thanks to Jaffe, Richie, Rich, and Brett for making the day unforgettable!


2015 Gig Harbor Paddlers Cup

This last weekend was the 2015 Gig Harbor Paddlers Cup. This is a boat race consisting of only human powered boat, mostly types of canoes and kayaks. My good friend Joshua Wold is a member of the Canoe/Kayak Team USA paddlers and is currently training for the 2016 Olympics. I was able to hang out on a beautiful Northwest day and watch him destroy all his competition. He competed in a 10k and two sprints and won all in his division.

I have this crazy idea that I would like to build up my kayaking skills and participate in this cup next year.

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