Krud Kutter is an amazing cleaning tool

November 18, 2016

I recently cleaned up my new dinghy that was sitting outside in salt water for the summer, as well as a kayak that had sat in fresh water for two years. Needless to say both of them were a mess. Enter Krud Kutter. I had not used Krud Kutter before but a fellow boater recommended it and even brought some over for me to use. The dinghy I had been putting some major elbow grease into and after sprinkling on some Krud Kutter all the gunk came off with ease. I highly recommend this amazing product. As an added bonus it is gentle on the environment!

This is the dinghy before

And this is after Krud Kutter. It should be noted that after using Krud Kutter I used very little pressure to get the remaining junk off the boat.


Here is the kayak that had sat in a fresh water lake for two years.



After Krud Kutter. The boat is pretty dang clean! The white plastic is stained but should whiten up with an application of bleach. Otherwise it is completely clean.


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